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Come Away With Me Book

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Come Away with Me: A Novel [Karma Brown] on *FREE* shipping on Ships from and sold by Fifty Third Street Books. Reviews. Add to Cart. A Globe & Mail Top Books for ! COME AWAY WITH ME is a heartbreaking and emotional story of one woman's discovery that life is still worth living. download COME AWAY WITH ME on site (site). 4+ stars. Looking for a steamy, no angst, pure swoon-fest?? Look no further! I still can't.

The writing was mediocre and felt childish and Tegan was insufferable through out the book. The twist doesn't make up for me wanting to strangle Tegan for hours and it just felt manipulative to put it in after eve I'm not sure why everyone but me enjoyed this book but I found it hard to finish. The twist doesn't make up for me wanting to strangle Tegan for hours and it just felt manipulative to put it in after everything.

View all 14 comments. Sep 30, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Hard to believe this is a debut novel, as it is so beautifully written and so emotionally brave. It's a roller coaster of sadness and laughter along with an armchair adventure. I learned some interesting things about some places that would be fun to visit.

Karma Brown has written an incredible story with characters that will stay with readers long after the final page is turned. Just be sure to have tissues handy. I was not able to put it down and have been recommending it to everyone I know.

I don't want to say anything more as to not spoil the story. Just know that you will not regret adding it to your book collection.

As far as casting, I pictured Anne Hathaway http: I think Jared Padalecki http: I'm interested in hearing casting ideas from anyone else who has read this amazing novel already. View all 6 comments. Sep 24, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an incredible Journey the author takes us on! Even an "OMG" moment that changes everything you thought you knew was happening to something totally different.

A beautifully written, heart-wrenching story of love and loss. View all 4 comments. Nov 17, Kim rated it it was amazing. This book will take you on a journey. The journey is a physical one—an adventure to gorgeous global destinations—but more importantly, it's a powerful emotional journey. I was swept along as Tegan and Gabe struggled through a devastating loss, trying to find their way when life dealt them a horrible hand.

And then, there's a heart-shattering twist that--if you're anything like me--will impair your ability to think about anything else for a long, long while. View 2 comments. Sep 19, Denise rated it really liked it. Come Away With Me is a heart-wrenching story of young love and tragic loss. Tegan, a young wife, begins a emotional and physical journey after losing her baby during her pregnancy in a awful accident. After months of grief, I began to wonder why she did not return to teaching and her life.

Tegan journeyed to Thailand where she experienced elephants painting and she even ate fried crickets. I loved the Amalfi Coast and her cooking classes and the wine. Tegan then travels to Hawaii and surfs. In Come Away With Me is a heart-wrenching story of young love and tragic loss.

In each country she meets amazing people, experiences depression and her heartbreaking fight with her husband Gabe over the accident. The ending is tear provoking and I will definitely look for more books by Karma Brown. Love leaves a memory no one can steal. Did not see that twist coming.

Really good book! Jun 06, Sara Strand rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. You guys? Honestly, it's up there for Book of the Year for me. DEBUT novel, folks. I would not have believed that at all if someone on the street told me that, but it's clearly a debut and holy cripes- it's amazing. I don't care who you are, if this book doesn't punch you in the gut repeatedly?

You are a dead soul. You are dead and just nobody I want to know. I feel like a page before chapter 53 that says, "Stop reading here unless you can commit to finishing the book in one sitting. Tegan is happily married to what is easily the best guy in all of the world, Gabe and currently 6 months pregnant with their first son. The chapters flash back to "before the accident" and "after the accident" because that accident is the catalyst for the entire story. Tegan and Gabe are driving to his parents house, running late, and they hit black ice.

It's a horrific accident that it's amazing there were any survivors. Tegan loses the baby and subsequently undergoes an emergency hysterectomy to save her life. Upon learning that, Tegan spirals into a world of pity, depression, and immense sorrow. Friends and family are deeply concerned that she's never going to come back to normal.

When she's hit the absolute bottom, Gabe asks her to bring out their Jar of Spontaneity, which is full of things they wanted to do in their shared life together, to be done when things were feeling dull or stressful during married life.

Book Review: Come Away with Me by Karma Brown

Reluctantly she does so and it starts their six week journey to Bangkok, Italy, and Hawaii. They meet amazing people along the way and Tegan struggles to mourn the life she thought she would have and figure out what life is going to be now. All along the way, Gabe talks to her and reassures her that she can do this.

She's not sure and you just feel absolutely awful for her. And then chapter 53 happens and you feel like you've been punched in the face. Seasoned reader here missed ALL of the clue. Slow clap, Karma Brown, slow clap.

See a Problem?

I cannot tell you any more. I can't. It ruins it for you and I swear to you this book is something you need in your life. I think what else drew me to this book was I identified with Tegan. Her and I feel like kindred spirits and one section of the book early on sealed the deal there: I'm a beacon for the talkers.

It's as if I have a flashing sign that reads, "I want to hear all your stories, especially about your pet or disgusting medical issue! I feel like having this printed on little note cards so that every time an idiot says, "I love him, I'm just not "in" love with him" I can throw the card at them.

That phrase is the basis for so many divorces because people don't get that love changes. No matter what happens to any of us in life, the way we love changes. I highly recommend this book. I can't recommend this to enough people. If you know me at all, you know one of my favorite authors of all time is Susanna Daniel because she is just amazing.

Her books are in my heart forever and I have a feeling Karma Brown will be there right with her. This book Review first posted on http: Apr 04, Heather rated it it was amazing. Any book that can keep me thinking about it the whole day after I finish it deserves an extra star!

I really enjoyed this book, the author brought this story together beautifully. Jul 28, Colleen Turner rated it it was amazing. Find my full review at http: Please excuse me while I gush a little bit well, maybe a lot! It has been quite a while since a book made me actually, physically cry The raw emotions these characters are experiencing are written so vividly I at times felt like I could feel their pain, anger, anxiety and hollowing sadnes Find my full review at http: The raw emotions these characters are experiencing are written so vividly I at times felt like I could feel their pain, anger, anxiety and hollowing sadness along with them.

While this did bring about some strange looks from my husband and dogs I am so happy to have experienced these feelings along with Tegan. This is a story that will consume you, and in my opinion that makes one hell of a great read. After the accident Tegan can't seem to get out of her own head or see past her grief, and is so filled with an emptiness and livid anger that she can't help but want to hide away from the world and lash out at anyone who even attempts to get her to think about a time when she can start healing and moving on.

While I have thankfully never experienced a tragedy like Tegan's, my son was born two months early and had to spend the first month of his life in the hospital. He is now a healthy, happy ten year old, but I will never forget going home from the hospital without him and the abject emptiness I felt the first time I walked through the door without him in my arms.

Brown nails describing this feeling and made me instantly sympathize with Tegan and the myriad physical and emotional symptoms that come along with an accident like she experiences. As the story progresses the reader not only gets to go along with Tegan and Gabe as they travel to three dream locations but, disbursed throughout, are chapters that go back into Tegan and Gabe's life so we get to see how their love developed and the life they had been living up until the horrible accident.

These chapters are filled with laughter and love, and if you haven't fallen a little in love with Gabe by the end I would be shocked. He is such a kind, patient person with Tegan and his careful treatment of her as they travel to Thailand, Italy and Hawaii was beyond touching. Oh, and be prepared to add these three locations to your bucket list, if you haven't already, because Karma Brown's ability to transport the reader made me feel like I was riding an elephant, taking a cooking class filled with ripe tomatoes and garlic and learning how to surf right along with Tegan and Gabe.

She hits all the senses with a bang and I am now ready to put my backpack on and take off! There is a twist towards the end of the novel that actually made my heart start beating faster. I honestly didn't see it coming and it really hit me harder than I would have expected given the fact that these things weren't really happening. Regardless, I think it was perfectly done as it drives the story in a direction that will finally come to a conclusion with a sense of satisfaction and hopefulness.

After all the tears I was very happy to come to this sort of conclusion!

I can't recommend Come Away With Me enough, to anyone who wants to travel along on a sometimes sad yet always fascinating adventure with some unforgettable characters. The fact that this is Karma Brown's debut novel is astounding to me, and I can tell you that she has found a forever-fan in this reader. I literally resented life getting in the way of my reading Come Away With Me in one straight shot!

I do not want to give any plot details away but if you read the book description you will know that this book deals with tragic loss. I still encourage you to read this beautiful story because the author also allows you to experience the power of love and healing through her amazing storytelling. Throughout the book I was transported on a journey, both emotional and physical.

I also loved the characters in Come Away With Me, which only added to my enjoyment. They don't have to be perfect to be lovable! Karma Brown is a truly gifted author.

If she writes it, I will read it. Yes, I'm about to download her second book after I finish this review. I encourage you to become a Karma Brown fan also!

You'll thank me. I haven't been asked to post a review. These thoughts are my own but I had to share them the moment I finished the book. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world Karma Brown! Sep 21, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: She can barely get out of bed, forget about showering.

The hardest part is watching her blame her husband, Gabe. Somehow, he convinces Tegan to set out on some of the adventures they had hoped to experie 3.

Somehow, he convinces Tegan to set out on some of the adventures they had hoped to experience years down the road, in an attempt to get her back.

It almost felt like the story got a little lost in the middle though. It became more about the destinations, than Tegan and Gabe's healing. The ending was unexpected and sad, but I liked how it pulled everything together. Nov 17, Mary Kubica rated it it was amazing. Brown's characters are likable and distinct, and the story is both heartbreaking and uplifting at the very same time. As main characters Tegan and Gabe set out on a journey around the world to help cope with an immense loss, Brown immerses the reader in each of these cultures and locales with remarkable detail.

A stunning debut from a talented new author.

This was highly recommended by Amber, and it took me a while to get into. I loved the descriptions of each of the travel locations and it made me really want to plan a vacation! Overall, it was a good novel that I would definitely recommend. Mar 09, Kruimel rated it really liked it. Drie sterren, dacht ik tijdens het lezen van dit boek.

Mooi, maar niet het allerbeste in zijn genre. En toen kwam het laatste deel en zat ik te snotteren boven de pagina's. Huilen door een boek is een extra ster bij. Nov 17, Danielle rated it it was amazing. I had the pleasure of getting a ARC of this book. Having been a fan of Karma's writing, I was excited to read her debut novel. It takes a lot for me to cry and sniffle in public when reading, this did just that.

The love story of Tegan and Gabe is a beautiful and tragic one that will have you order take-out for the family so you can keep reading. You experience with them the trip of a lifetime, from their home in Chicago, Thailand, Italy and Hawaii.

Karma writes in exquisite detail that you can almost smell the ocean from your room. I have never been surprised by an ending like this in a long time. I will be downloading a copy for my shelf and you should too! Sep 05, Lisa Steinke rated it it was amazing.

I was up way too late reading this book for two nights straight. I could not stop reading it. I had to know what happened next.

BOOK REVIEW: Come Away With Me

The pacing is perfect. The writing is beautiful. The story is unforgettable. With an OMG twist that will hit you hard! I will be thinking about this captivating debut for a long time. Hands down, it's one of the best books I've read in a very long time. Bravo, Karma Brown!

You are a supremely talented new voice in women's fiction! Feb 27, Caryn rated it really liked it Shelves: If you liked Eat, Pray, Love, think of this as a fictionalized version. After a terrible accident, Tegan is overcome with grief and doesn't know how to get back to feeling like herself.

When her husband suggests a worldwide adventure, she learns how to forgive.

BOOK REVIEW: Come Away With Me

This book will have you feeling all the emotions, and I shed many tears. Sep 19, Kate Hilton rated it it was amazing. A smartly-written tale about the painful journey through grief. Moving, unexpected and devastatingly honest. Beautifully poignant, I adored every word of this book. It is about a journey with exotic destinations and raw emotions.

Good for her, but in my experience, nothing good has come from Twilight except this blog. He sees Natalie in town later that day and takes her to lunch and spends the rest of the book relentlessly pursuing her. This book suffered from Special Snowflake Syndrome.

Again, I blame Twilight. Actually, you know who?

Edward fucking Cullen. I think if someone really, really wants to watch you sleep, you might need to be worried for your personal safety. Is he picturing you dead? Worried about apnea? Checking to see if you sleep fart for before proposing marriage? And in addition to being baffling, Luke is also kind of a dick.

He invites Nat over for dinner and when she gets a text-message from her sometimes lover, he becomes a total asshat. He raises an eyebrow. I am a man. I know the difference. There is no expectation of a relationship. It is none of his business who is texting her and why.

Also, WTF does I am a man.

I know the difference mean? Is there some magic power that comes with a Y chromosome that tells dudes what the connotations of a text message are?Plane crash! Jan 13, Kristy rated it it was amazing. Little does she know that the yummy male hotness that she starts to see on a regular basis is none other than Luke Williams, famous actor now gone reclusive due to a kind of phobia concerning fans and paparazzi. Sexy as hell!! Unfortunately the author didn't pull it off here. Drop everything you're doing and read it now.

Nov 10, Alona rated it did not like it Shelves: Luke whined a lot and was very jealous and it was not a sexy alpha jealous.. Yet, before they can even establish their relationship, they are having problems.

Basically just some feel good romances.

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