Young Sherlock Holmes is back to solve his fifth amazing erothbridunin.tkped and taken to China, Sherlock finds himself plunged into mystery. How can three. Young Sherlock Holmes has 33 entries in the series. Sherlock Holmes (Series) . Lane, Andrew Author Mues, Jona Narrator (). cover image of Snake Bite. [PDF] Young Sherlock Holmes 5: Snake Bite. Young Sherlock Holmes 5: Snake Bite. Book Review. Good e book and helpful one. It is really basic but excitement .

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How did this come about? In this intriguing and increasingly enjoyable series, Andrew Lane puts his young subject through all manner of trials and tests, leading him into the path of evil gangs and plots, and providing him with mentors willing to teach him the skills he needs to survive.


In this fifth book in the series, Sherlock has been drugged and kidnapped by, he suspects, his old enemies the Paradol Chamber. Back in England, his desperately worried brother Mycroft concludes that they must have done this both to punish the boy for foiling their plans in the past and to get him out of the way while some further crime is committed.

Sherlock finds himself on the Gloria Scott, en route for China, unable to explain his presence in a satisfactory manner to the ship's captain as he has no memory of recent events.

Like all stowaways he is set to work to earn his food, and his willingness to do whatever task is set, plus his ability to amuse the sailors by playing the violin soon make him an accepted member of the crew.

Young Sherlock Holmes Series

Instead of panicking about his situation, Sherlock shows clear signs of the logical, cool-headed man he is to become by deciding his best plan is to simply stay on the ship all the way to Shanghai then work his passage back to England. This is the s of course, so Sherlock cannot demand that someone phone Mycroft to come and rescue him.

In the real world the first transatlantic telegraph cable had only just been completed between the USA and Britain, and even if it had stretched as far as the Orient, it would never have been used for something as minor as the disappearance of one young boy.

Indeed Mycroft himself, for all his contacts, can do little to help his little brother except send letters by every ship heading in the same direction, and hope one of them reaches him. On the other side of the coin we have Tom Baker, a famous Doctor Who actor who has also played Holmes.

Baker, apart from being the longest running Doctor ever and still being involved in audio recording of Doctor Who novelisations, also played Sherlock Holmes for The Hound of the Baskervilles in a four part mini-series for the BBC Parts such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who attract television and ilm actors in the same was as Hamlet and King Lear attract stage actors so it is not surprising that out of the many capable actors who have taken up these roles some have taken up both.

The other noted connections can easily be explained through the chance intersection of personal interests of authors and the fortunate ability for the Doctor to travel in time, with Victorian England being a remarkably popular time to visit.

Naturally, there are no direct connections between Holmes and the Doctor in the content of the stories, but there are possible connections where the authors writing Holmes-derived stories, also write in the world of Doctor Who. I Simpliied Versions Simpliied versions of the original stories are normally contracted by publishers rather than being original concepts developed by a specific author.

Young sherlock holmes : snake bite author Andrew Lane download epub

Because the material these writers work on is not their own choice I do not examine these works. I can ind no connection between Gerald Frow and Doctor Who.

Again, there is no obvious connection with Doctor Who. I can ind no connection between Shane Peacock and Doctor Who.

The connection here is not so strong after all, and seems to relect only the chance interest of a single author. Let us examine the female avatars of Holmes. There are a number of book versions of the television episodes. Neither Yolen nor Lewis have any noticeable link to Doctor Who.

There is no noticeable link between Nancy Springer and Doctor Who. Baily has no obvious links to Doctor Who. Oddly, however, this lack of information gives potential authors a great amount of leeway in creating their own characters and stories. Perhaps as a result of this there are an incredible number of stories about these children by a wide range of writers.

The earliest example I have comes from the American author Robert Newman. There is actually little about the Irregulars in this story.

Subsequent stories have little to do with Holmes or the Irregulars, but instead focus even more closely on Andrew and Sara.A Life in Illustration Leonard S. Indeed, with the exception of Gerald Frow, who was British, male, and who wrote the script and the follow-on books for the Granada TV series Young Sherlock, all the male, British writers, writing stories for children about Sherlock Holmes as a young man, or, most commonly, about the Baker Street Irregulars, have also written for, or in the case of Tim Pigott-Smith, acted in, Doctor Who.

Der Plot des Buches wurde anschaulich und abwechslungsreich erarbeitet.

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How did this come about? Sherlock finds himself on the Gloria Scott, en route for China, unable to explain his presence in a satisfactory manner to the ship's captain as he has no memory of recent events. Fire Storm Sherlock Holmes: None of these authors seem to have any connection with Doctor Who.

The boys quickly realise that the kidnapped man left something behind in the scuffle - an earpiece and glasses. Share on: Video: It can't be easy, imagining Sherlock Holmes as a boy.

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