Greek Waters Pilot - UK or Greek Waters Pilot - USA. The Greek Waters Pilot is a must for both the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea, since the author has meticulously charted all ports and anchorages in these beautiful greek waters. A yachtsman's guide to the entire area from the. Sail-Pilot Croatia concerns all sailing enthusiasts and yachting professionals looking for . Sail-Pilot is the first mobile Greek Waters Pilot. Greek Waters Pilot is the definitive cruising guide to the coasts and islands of Greece. It covers the entire Download PDF supplement. Download Pleasure.

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A 13 page guide in English from (PDF, MB) It is a complete Greek Waters Pilot, being authorised by the Hellenic Navy. Heikell, Staff Picks Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Seas Cruising Guides Greek Waters Pilot hardcover Newly updated guide for this . Greek Waters Pilot: A Yachtsmans Guide to the Ionian and Aegean Coasts and the Islands of Greece Rod Heikell pdf download Greek Waters Pilot: A.

It is an effort that started 3 years ago with the first 2 Sailing Areas, the Dodecanese and the Sporades. With the latest update of the app we have included the latest Notices to Mariners Dec.

[PDF Download] Greek Waters Pilot: A Yachtsman's Guide to the Ionian and Aegean Coasts and

Sail-Pilot is the first mobile Greek Waters Pilot. The app concerns all sailing enthusiasts and yachting professionals looking for navigation instructions for safe Sailing in Greece , in addition to nautical charts.

The app includes Nautical Charts and enables users to quickly navigate to points of interest and read information such as sailing directions, moorings, safety info, local weather forecasts, winds, sea currents, boat suppliers, local authorities, healthcare, contact info, navigation dangers, conspicuous points and other nautical instructions for locations.

If you interested for the version of the app that has pre-installed all libraries you may download the discounted Sail-Pilot Plus app from here.


After ordering download the Sail-Pilot Plus app from: The app includes information about islands , islets , ports , small harbors , 40 marinas , fishing shelters , capes , 65 channels , navigational dangers , gulfs , coves , straits , lighthouses and many more points of navigational interest.

While using the app, for each area and point of interest along with the text there is an nautical chart , which allows the user to realize easily the current position related to the point of interest.

The Sail Pilot app that you may download the sailing areas libraries separately is also available to download from Apple Store and Google Play. Sail Pilot is a mobile navigation guide that includes detailed information for islands, islets, ports, small harbours, 47 marinas, fishing shelters, capes, 29 channels, coves, 52 straits, navigation instructions…and more, always updated with the latest notices to mariners….

Normally the time to take care is near the end of the summer months when often public supply points are turned off due to shortages. In some harbors, water is delivered by truck. This is a private service and costs accordingly. Marinas often have a coin-operated water service. Fuel: While there are a few fuel docks in Greece, in the main diesel fuel for yachts is delivered to the quay by mini-tanker a truck with a tank on the bank and powered delivery pump.

Normally the telephone number for the fuel truck will be on a noticeboard or similar by the yacht quay. If not, enquire locally.

The connection is identical to the old Camping Gaz bottles. Common practice is to exchange bottles. If a yacht is fitted with Calor Gas type bottles, an adaptor can be downloadd in Greece.

Gas is easy to find in the larger towns, but harder on the small islands where supplies are limited. Money Euro Greece has capital controls in place. You should be able to pay for retail transactions with debit and credit cards as you would elsewhere, but always check beforehand as not all businesses hold a machine for processing card payments.

Mobile phones — Call your cell phone provider to make sure that they offer phone coverage in Greece. Ask to be upgraded to international roaming.

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A prepaid Greece SIM card with international cell phone is the most convenient and economical solution for staying in touch while in Greece. Pay the local rate for local calls and use a cellular phone in Greece like you do at home.Cesar Manara. Pay the local rate for local calls and use a cellular phone in Greece like you do at home.


If you are considering sailing in more than two Sailing Areas, it is more economic to download the Sail-Pilot Plus app that includes all Sailing Areas and download one license for Bus: The Greek domestic bus service is very good. More Details Post as a guest Name.

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