My Story book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Steven Gerrard - legendary captain of Liverpool and England - tells the s. download My Story 1st by Steven Gerrard (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. STEVEN GEORGE GERRARD, MBE, has won several awards including the most valuable player in the Champions League in and PFA player of the.

Steven Gerrard My Story Book

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Steven Gerrard: My Story [Steven Gerrard] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked. My Story by Steven Gerrard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Review: My Story by Steven Gerrard My stomach churned, I gripped the book tighter I read Gerrard's My Story is a compelling, easy read.

Find out more about the cookies we use. View privacy and cookies policy. We use cookies to give you the best possible online experience. By continuing to use our website, you're agreeing to our use of cookies. Shopping Basket. My Story By: Steven Gerrard author Paperback. Description Steven Gerrard - legendary captain of Liverpool and England - tells the story of the highs and lows of a twenty-year career at the top of English and world football.

As the only player ever to have scored in a FA cup final, a league cup final, a UEFA cup final and a champion's league final, Steven Gerrard is an inspiration to fans and footballers alike.

After joining his beloved Liverpool at the age of eight, he spent the next 28 years, and over games, devoted to this one club. Perhaps the last player of his calibre that we will see display such extraordinary longevity and commitment, his loyalty ensures he will be remembered not only as one of the all-time Anfield greats but one of England's finest footballers.

In My Story Gerrard dissects his full playing career. He talks about his caps for England, including World Cup and European Championship campaigns, asking what went right - and wrong. He writes candidly of those he's played with and competed against, from Luis Suarez to Jose Mourinho, his experiences under Brendan Rodgers and Roy Hodgson. He also has an incredible and rare personal story, telling us of the extraordinary ups and downs of staying loyal to one club for your entire career.

Explosive and searingly honest, Steven Gerrard's My Story is the last word from an era-defining player. Other formats View More. Dec 22, huzeyfe rated it it was amazing. Bu kitabi ciktiginda on siparis ile almistim. Cunku icinde cok merak ettigim birkac bolum vardi. Onlari okuduktan sonra kalani zamana yayarak ara ara okudum. Liverpool ile aram malum mactan sonra bozulsa da cocuklugumdan beri duyudugum sempatiyi antipatiye ceviremedi.

Her ne kadar koyu bir Spurs taraftari olsam da Liverpool'a ve onun Gerrard, Carragher gibi ikon olmus futbolcularina saygim sonsuz. Bu kitap da bu saygimin bosa olmadiginin ispatlarindan birisi. Gonlum isterdi ki bu kitabi Arsenal ta Bu kitabi ciktiginda on siparis ile almistim. Gonlum isterdi ki bu kitabi Arsenal taraftari bir hayalet yazar degil de Steven'in kendisi yazmis olsun. Cunku gercekten cok iyi bir is cikarmislar. Akici, guzel cumleler, duyuguyu tamamen yansitan sozukler.

Anadilim Ingilizce olmamasina ragmen zevk alarak zorlanmadan okudum. Kitap genel olarak Gerrard'in kariyerinin son iki yilina odaklansa da gondermelerle kariyerinin onceki donemlerinden de kesitler var elbet.

En cok hosuma giden noktasi ise Gerrard'in cok acik sozlu ve durust bir sekilde neler hissetigini yazmasi oldu. Tabii ki okuyunca bazi eski arkadaslari bundan rahatsiz olacaklar ki muhtemelen coktan oldular ama gercekleri anlatmasi bakimindan onemli olmus. Steven Gerrard is my biggest hero,and my idol, so when I got hold of his autobiography, I was thrilled! I started reading it as soon as I got home. This book was perfect for me, because being a passionate Liverpool F.

C fan, and being so far away from Liverpool, it took me right into the magical spirit of the boot room, the kop, and the thril of the merseyside derby, and the feeling that a captain gets when he wins tha champions'league, or the F. A cup, or being handed the captain's armband for on Steven Gerrard is my biggest hero,and my idol, so when I got hold of his autobiography, I was thrilled! A cup, or being handed the captain's armband for one of the most successfull teams ever at only 22 years old.

I hope Steven Gerrard writes yet another autobiography soon to summarize a beautiful career in a book which will be treasured by millions of Liverpool F. C fans around the world. View 1 comment. Jan 03, Mona rated it really liked it Shelves: Objectively speaking, it is a good read for Liverpool fans but perhaps not so much for fans of rival clubs. Though there are one too many accounts of matches during Gerrard's Liverpool career, it is interesting to see how he developed both as a person and a player throughout his entire career at Liverpool.

However, I cannot be objective when it comes to this man. It was also disheartening as a lifelong Liverpool fan to get a glimpse of the politics surrounding British football clubs. The main thing I took away from this is that I finally feel like he did realise how much we valued his talent, his loyalty, and his heart.

Anfield is awaiting his return. Jun 13, Reno Cini rated it really liked it. Sep 14, Denis Pedersen rated it liked it Shelves: This is the second autobiography from former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard doesn't need an introduction - but his insistence of staying a Liverpool over the span of an entire career is unfortunately of a dying breed.

It's main focus is on the latter years, with flashback and comparisons to former years' highlights.

Steven Gerrard

Starting with the good: It's a fine insight into one of the most profilic and inspirational footballers in England over the last 20 years.

The highs in t This is the second autobiography from former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard. The highs in the books comes, when he describes the feelings and doubts that goes through his mind while he has his ups and downs throughout his career. There's been a lot of talk and banter about "The Slip" Steven slipped in the middle of the pitch, allowing Chelsea to score and costing Liverpool the first league title in 25 years , but in "My Story" Gerrard describes, in depth, how he felt straight afterwards.

The same feelings he would feel a year later when being sent off against Manchester United after having spent under one minute on the field. Every Liverpool-fan will love his bashing of Diouff who in his right mind spits on the Celtic supporters?

Disgraceful , and his questions about the mentality of a player like Mario Balotelli is something every football fan has had over the years. The book really shines when he goes in depth with what goes on behind the scenes of a big football club like Liverpool FC - what's happening in a club when their captain for more than 10 years have to ask repeatedly for a new contract, and finally getting an offer he couldn't possibly accept with the ultimatum of signing the contract or leaving?

The description of Rafael Benitez as a cold tactician really is a highlight, one scene in particular where Gerrard speaks with Rafa after the penalty win in the FA Cup final in Gerrard is, understandably, expecting some praise he has after all scored 2 goals in a historic final in one of the biggest competitions in English football , but the only reaction from Rafa Benitez is that the team "have to do better in the league next year".

The bad: The book is bloated with long summaries of matches played the last couple of years. As a true red I remember the games vividly, but I don't really need to read about who passed who in a match against Stoke 3 years ago.

There are far too many repetitions: We can all agree that Liverpool supporters are the best in the world, but after reading the praise for them 20 times each chapter, it gets old fast. That Gerrard returns to the magical night in Instanbul in time and again is understandable, but unfortunately it's not all that good reading material after the umptieth time.

There really are some great football biographies out there, to name a few I'd go with Paul Gascoigne 's Gazza: My Story which really is extraordinary with it's describtion of Gazza's trouble with alcohol and a struggle against a fragile psyche or A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke which is more of a story about a man battling [and losing to] depression in the macho-world of modern football.

Steven Gerrard's "My Story" is an OK read, but it lacks the extra something the afore mentioned biographies contain. I understand why Gerrard wants to keep the focus on the things happening on the pitch, but all the long summaries and repetition really could've been cut in half for a better reading experience.

Should you read it? Fill out this checklist. If you can check more yeses than noes, then go ahead and read it: Do you enjoy reading about fooball in general? Would you like an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a big football club? Are you a Liverpool-fan? Are you a football-fan? Do you like to read biographies and would you like to know more about one of the best players in English football?

Would you like to read about Gerrard's penis? Are you nostalgic about football? Do you think Steven Gerrard should have taken a couple of seasons more in Liverpool?

I'm gonna end the review where Gerrard's career in Liverpool ended, by doing The Kolo Dance with the rest of the Liverpool-squad.

A fitting end for a great football player and a fine book. Oct 11, Ameer Hamza Asif rated it it was amazing Shelves: A great gift for every football lover, especially the Liverpool FC's fans. Jika kamu bertanya pada Kopites--sebutan penggemar Liverpool FC di luar kota Liverpool--generasi 90an terutama dari Indonesia bagaimana awalnya mereka menyukai LFC, jawabannya hampir selalu sama.

Steven Gerrard. Setidaknya itulah yang saya tangkap dari cerita-cerita fans di situs LFC Indonesia. Dan, saya setuju. Stevie datang di masa pubertas saya. Saya yang tak tertarik dengan cowok nyata dan pacaran menjadikan Stevie sebagai cinta pertama. Nyatanya, saya memang terpukau pada pandangan pertama s Jika kamu bertanya pada Kopites--sebutan penggemar Liverpool FC di luar kota Liverpool--generasi 90an terutama dari Indonesia bagaimana awalnya mereka menyukai LFC, jawabannya hampir selalu sama.

Nyatanya, saya memang terpukau pada pandangan pertama sejak melihatnya bermain untuk timnas Inggris. Literally at first sight , pas sekali ketika kamera menyorotnya menengok ke belakang, nomor dan nama di punggungnya terlihat. Sejak itu, saya mencari klub tempat ia bermain dan mulai menonton Liga Primer. Lagi-lagi, saya terpana. Ada sesuatu di klub ini yang membuat saya merinding tiap mendengar chant You'll Never Walk Alone meski hanya lewat televisi. Dan setelah mempelajari bahwa Stevie adalah pemain loyal di sana, saya sulit untuk tidak jatuh cinta pada keduanya.

Membaca buku ini membawa saya ke masa itu, sekaligus menjadi jawaban doa saya sejak lima tahun lalu bahwa akan ada biografi Stevie yang diterjemahkan karena kalau beli yang asli mahal sekali. Saya juga senang sekali buku ini datang di momen yang tepat, yaitu ulang tahun saya dan beberapa waktu setelah ia pensiun. Ada satu kualitas--selain kemampuan bermain sepak bola dan kepemimpinannya--yang saya tangkap dari Stevie di layar kaca dan saya temukan juga di buku ini: Buku ini seolah konfirmasi atas kejujurannya yang saya temukan di media lain.

Tidak ada fakta yang betul-betul mengejutkan. Ini bisa dilihat dari ceritanya tentang pemain favorit untuk bermain bersama--Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Luis Suarez.

Saya sudah melihat semua bukti nyatanya di lapangan, betapa Stevie menyayangi mereka semua bahkan sampai mereka meninggalkan Liverpool. Stevie mencintai dengan intens. Dia tidak ragu-ragu memperjuangkan dan berjuang untuk cintanya. Yang pertama dibahas tentu saja sepak bola. Si kecil Stevie dibesarkan di keluarga yang menggilai LFC sampai hidup dan mati sepupu Stevie jadi orang termuda yang tewas pada tragedi Hillsborough sehingga nadinya sudah dari dulu mengaliri merahnya Liverpool.

Ketika ia gagal masuk sekolah sepak bola tempat Owen dan Carragher belajar hingga nyaris transfer ke Chelsea, sang ayah selalu menyemangati. Kata-kata dari ayahnya inilah yang membuat semangat Stevie terus terpacu. Kala itu Stevie kecil menangis di kamarnya setelah mendapat surat penolakan.

Kemudian ia berteriak pada ayahnya bagaimana bisa seorang kapten Liverpool Boys tidak bisa lolos tes dan bersumpah tidak akan bermain sepak bola lagi. Ayahnya kemudian mengatakan begini, " Di sinilah segalanya dimulai. Semua pencapaianmu sebelumnya sudah lenyap.

Stevie sudah menjadi pemain kelas atas. Puncaknya, ia memenangkan Liga Champion yang terkenal dengan 'Keajaiban Istanbul'. Saat itu juga klub-klub besar memburunya, salah satunya Chelsea yang tengah dinahkodai Mourinho--idolanya. Di saat-saat galau itu, ia menemui ayah dan kakaknya Paul. Ayahnya lagi-lagi mengatakan sesuatu yang bijak, " Tanyakan pada dirimu sendiri, 'Akankah memenangkan dua atau tiga piala bersama Liverpool lebih berarti bagi saya dibandingkan dua atau bahkan tiga kali lipat dari jumlah itu, tapi saya bermain untuk Chelsea?

Cinta kedua adalah khususnya pada Liverpool dan teman-temannya yang bermain bersamanya. Tugasnya sebagai kapten tidak hanya berlaku di lapangan, tapi juga di luar. Siapakah yang akhirnya menolong Suarez dari berbagai kejadian penuh skandal?

Mereka bersahabat, dan sahabat saling membantu. Ketika Suarez akhirnya tak tahan dengan Liverpool, ia meminta Stevie membicarakannya pada manajemen agar dia dibolehkan pindah. Stevie justru menahannya setahun dan berjanji, 'Jika Barcelona datang lagi tahun depan, kau boleh pindah. Kau jadi salah satunya.

Ia akan mengirim pesan singkat, bukan menelepon, karena itu akan lebih membuat si penerima santai membacanya. Yang cukup membuat sedih adalah, tak jarang para pemain targetan itu menolak karena prestasi LFC yang tidak lagi bermain di Champions. Stevie juga sedikit berkelakar ketika menceritakan ini, berkata bahwa dia punya kata-kata a la pedagang untuk membujuk mereka. Namun ada satu hal yang ia tak mau lakukan demi klub--hak citra. Memang sudah kewajibannya tampil di iklan yang menjadi sponsor LFC, namun kalau menyangkut soal hak citra, ia tak akan mengambilnya.

Baginya, sekalinya kau terikat pada LFC, jiwa ragamulah untuknya, tanpa pamrih. Itu sudah jadi kewajibanmu, dan bonus memang menarik, tapi ia tak mau akhirnya dikenal sebagai bintang iklan.

Namun, Stevie memberi pengecualian pada Messi dan Christiano Ronaldo. Cintanya yang terakhir adalah pada keluarga. Saya pernah baca kalau istrinya, Alex, disebut Stevie satu-satunya wanita yang benar-benar peduli dan sayang dengan dirinya. Sebelumnya, para wanita mendekatinya tapi bukan untuk dia, melainkan teman-temannya yang lebih tampan dan terkenal. Tak heran jika Stevie sangat menjaga keluarganya, dan ini makin disadarinya setelah ia memiliki tiga orang putri.

Sebelumnya, Stevie pernah berpikir apa jadinya hidupnya jika tanpa sepak bola. Mungkin, ia tidak bisa hidup. Ketika ia lebih dewasa, ia tahu, bahwa ternyata ada yang bisa lebih penting dari sepak bola: Alex dan tiga putri cantiknya. Buku ini ditutup dengan kisah dan alasannya untuk pindah ke LA Galaxy--yang saya lihat berhubungan dengan keputusannya gantung sepatu.

Stevie sadar ia tak semuda dan semenggebu-gebu dahulu. Ia juga sadar kehidupan tak seindah dongeng. Keinginannya di usianya yang sudah 30an sederhana, yaitu ingin dikenang saat sedang jaya-jayanya. Diingat ketika penampilannya sedang sangat baik.

Dan juga kehidupan normal untuk keluarganya. Di Amerika, fans sepak bolanya tidak se-hooligan Inggris, yang bisa memuji dan mencaci Stevie kemana pun dia pergi.

Ia menginginkan ketenangan. Dan tentu saja, kata-kata ayahnya juga memengaruhi kepindahan itu. Pencapaiannya di LFC sudah lenyap, saatnya ia memulai lagi. Dan, ia tak mau bermain untuk klub yang akan bertemu LFC sebagai rival. Amerika juga kondusif untuk keluarga dan dirinya, salah satunya karena banyak pemain Inggris di sana seperti Robby Keane dan David Beckham. Tidak hanya pencapaian karier, saya juga membaca kisah emosionalnya terhadap rekan satu tim--baik LFC maupun timnas Inggris--dan opininya terhadap pemain atau pelatih di luar klubnya.

Saya baru tahu kalau Rafa Benitez dingin bahkan pada Gerrard, tidak pernah sekalipun memanggilnya Stevie seperti Brendan Rodgers. Stevie juga sangat mengagumi Mourinho--penyebab kegalauannya ketika ditawari Chelsea--hingga ia berkata bahwa idealnya Mourinho-lah yang memanageri LFC saja. Kuotasi dari Mourinho tentang Stevie yang masih saya ingat inilah buktinya: Tapi bagian itu terlalu indah untuk dibuat spoiler di sini. Stevie juga mengemukakan pendapatnya tentang managemen dan kepemilikan klub Liverpool.

Bagian yang seru lagi, menurut saya adalah cerita pertandingan-pertandingannya. Jika saya punya kesan sendiri terhadap pertandingan itu, saya bisa membacanya dari sudut pandang Stevie. Ini juga bagian yang harus dibaca langsung di bukunya. Kekurangannya, kamu kurang bisa baca buku ini jika kamu kurang tertarik dengan sepak bola, karena banyak sekali istilah dan kejadian-kejadian yang umumnya memang sudah dihafal Kopites di luar kepala.

Lalu, desain sampulnya lebih menarik versi aslinya menurut saya karena foto Stevie terlihat ramah. Entah mengapa yang edisi terjemahan ini memakai wajah Stevie yang divektorkan. Yak, rekor menulis ulasan terpanjang saya pribadi terpecahkan berkat buku ini.

Dan tentu saja ini belum menggambarkan betapa bagusnya buku ini terutama bagi Kopites. Setelah membacanya, alih-alih kaget, saya malah semakin yakin bahwa kepribadian Stevie dan determinasinya adalah kunci mengapa ia dicintai pendukung Liverpool dari berbagai penjuru dunia, melewati batas usia dan gender.

Dan betapa ia seorang pemain hebat yang hanya bermodalkan cinta dan keinginan kuat. Terakhir, sepertinya saya harus menulis ini untuk kalian para Ladies Kopites: Get yourself a man who's as loyal as Steven George Gerrard. Selain itu Timnas selalu diisi oleh pemain bintang.

Steven Gerrard

Banyak ego di dalamnya. Kabar menyenangkan saya dapatkan saat melihat kabar biografi Steven Gerrard akan dirilis bulan Februari Seakan sudah Mengesankan.

Seakan sudah menjadi tradisi setiap tahun ada sebuah buku bertema sepakbola akan menyapa pembaca Indonesia. Stevie G, layak dikenang sebagai salah seorang pemain terbaik di dunia. Mungkin tidak dalam mendekati level seperti "Messi" atau "Ronaldo-CR7". Namun eksplosivitas, kemampuan terbaik mengangkat tim, dan kinerja memukau di lapangan membuat sang Skipper berada di hati banyak penggemar berat Liverpool.

Saya rasa hal yang sama juga berada di benak khalayak pecinta sepakbola. Bertahun-tahun mendapati pasang surut tim kebanggaannya, pemilik nomor 8 ini tentu mengenal lebih baik isi perut tim Liverpool dan timnas Inggris ketimbang pundit maupun analis di mana pun.

Membaca buku ini di satu sisi menghadirkan sisi emosional, sekaligus rasa penasaran akan apa yang terjadi di balik layar skuad bersimbol burung Liver merah itu. Gerrard mengupas perjalanan karirnya dimulai dari penyesalan ketika "terpeleset" di partai melawan Chelsea, pasang surut tim bersama para nahkoda "Pool", hingga akhir perjalanan dirinya bersama klub tercinta. Apa yang terjadi dua-tiga tahun terakhir, tentu mendapat tempat dengan porsi lebih di buku ini.

Perpisahan dengan Suarez, salah satu pemain favoritnya adalah salah satu hal terberat dalam karir ayah tiga putri tersebut. Berawal dari impian, disiplin dan semangat untuk maju, Gerrard membawa pulang beberapa gelar juara bagi Liverpool. Salah satu yang paling berkesan, tentu saja, adalah "keajaiban Istabul".

Di sisi koin kegagalan ini sangat menyakitkan bagi seorang Andrea Pirlo. Seolah takdir, beberapa tahun berikut, di tahun Pirlo berhasil membalas kepedihan tersebut di final Liga Champions Athena. Sebagai seorang kapten. Kita dapat melihat dan sedikit merasakan beban yang ditaruh di pundak Gerrard. Di rehat musim panas. Selain menyemangati pemain andalan, semua pemain di tim, dia diberikan "tugas" buat merayu, -tidak kesannya terlalu rendah- mengajak pemain incaran Liverpool untuk bergabung.

Memang tidak mudah. Tapi tentu tidak ada usaha yang tidak berarti. Di mata Gerrard, kita juga akan melihat, bahwa bermain di liga Premier bukanlah hal yang mudah. Bakat, kemampuan teknis, dan banyak hal lainnya yang saling bertautan, menentukan si pemain mampu bersaing di liga paling kompetitif sedunia.

Belum lagi masalah dengan pers lokal yang doyan menguliti pemain. Kemampuan fisik itu yang dirasakan Gerrard, merupakan salah satu prasyarat seorang pemain mampu berkompetisi di EPL.

Beberapa hal lainnya yang tak kalah menohok adalah seperti kata pepatah "habis manis sepah dibuang", pemain kerap tidak diberi penghormatan secara sepantasnya oleh pihak klub. Selagi membaca buku ini dengan lahap. Saya teringat masa nonbar pertama di markas Big Reds Jogja.

Ten things we learned from Steven Gerrard's book, My Story

Memori malam Liga Champions saat masih duduk di bangku sekolah. Permainan kelas wahid yang disuguhkan Pool saat mentas di kasta tertinggi Eropa. Beberapa momen saya langsung cari videonya di youtube. Seperti gol Gerrard kala melawan Olympiakos di tahun Tontonan yang berujung dengan melihat video gol-gol legendaris milik Gerrard. Tendangan-tendangan spekakuler yang mengangkat performa tim dan memberikan dampak luar biasa bagi fans dan kawan sepermainan.

Sang kapten mengupas perjalanan Liverpool bersama dirinya selama satu dekade terakhir itu rasanya wow. Keputusan terbaik Gerrard adalah mendengarkan suara hatinya. Tidak pindah ke Chelsea. Meski begitu diidolakan oleh Mourinho. Belum diberi kesempatan mengangkat piala Liga Premier, bukanlah sebuah kegagalan telak bagi penggemar setia Liverpool. Hal menyenangkan lainnya adalah lewat buku ini, saya menyadari, pesepakbola juga adalah manusia biasa.

Mereka kerap tidak tahan akan tekanan, emosi, dan perlakuan negatif dari pihak luar. Gerrard menceritakan banyak inside story di dalam buku ini, momen demi momen terbaik dalam karir panjangnya di sepakbola, dan menegaskan sikap jangan jumawa sebelum meraih gelar tertinggi, dan memberikan prestasi bagi klub dan tim nasional.

Salah satu pesannya, bagi pemain muda. Para pemain berbakat yang bersedia mengorbankan segalanyalah yang akan menjadi pemain seperti Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher, dan John Terry. Buku ini bagi saya adalah bacaan wajib penggemar berat Liverpool.

OK sang kapten sudah pensiun di Anfield. Sekarang saatnya move on. Era baru bersama Klopp. Namun dia adalah pemain, kapten terbaik yang pernah dimiliki Liverpool. Coba temukan apa saja cerita dalam perjalanannya menjadi kapten di sana. Jan 22, Kauser rated it it was amazing. I remember once upon a time, in Year 9, having to write a piece for English Language, on who my role model is; why I look up to them, why I appreciate their values, what I take away from their life.

Having just read Steven Gerrard: My Autobiography at the time, my chosen person was a no-brainer. And now, having read the last page of Steven Gerrard: My Story, I understand why, so many years ago, he struck me as a role model.

Almost a decade later, I stand by it. His story is incredibly moving, hi I remember once upon a time, in Year 9, having to write a piece for English Language, on who my role model is; why I look up to them, why I appreciate their values, what I take away from their life.

His story is incredibly moving, his philosophy so inspiring, and fresh off the back of his shock departure from Liverpool, his career legendary - to the point of heart-breaking. Refreshingly honest, Gerrard takes us on his seventeen-year journey at his boyhood club; the defining highs and lows of his career, the triumphs and heartbreaks, and his emotional goodbye to Liverpool Football Club. The prologue broke my heart. It truly did. He writes about the moments immediately after the Chelsea game in which he slipped - in which we lost the title-that-should-have-been-ours - and it is so raw with emotion that it hurts to read.

It's wonderfully done; as a Liverpool fan, we reminisce some of the legendary football nights as told by Gerrard, and we feel his pain as we get so close to glory, only to lose it in a fraction of a second. For me, as a Liverpool fan, it was so much fun to read about matches that are engraved in memory, from his point of view from the pitch. But beyond the games and career highlights, we also get an insight into Steven Gerrard the person.

He reveals his much more human side, both on and off the pitch, and it puts him in a different light. He's flawed, he's made mistakes and his emotions have sometimes gotten the better of him - and it's almost reassuring to know that he's just as human as the rest of us. To have him reveal the anguish over losing players like Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, and the rage that spurs him on in Merseyside derbies and United rivalries, and his gaping sense of loss after our title race ended, ultimately shows that he is a Liverpool fan more than anything else.

With every page in his book, he echoes the sentiments of every Liverpool fan - because he is one of us.

And then the ending. That ending. How is it, that you can know how a story ends, yet a stupid, naive part of you wishes for a different outcome altogether.

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How can you know how a story ends, and still have it sucker-punch you like there's no tomorrow. Losing our Number 8 wasn't something any Liverpool fan was prepared for. I vividly remember his last game at Anfield. It is embedded, clear as day, in my memory.

I remember it being a beautifully sunny afternoon and I was in the lounge with my mum, surrounded by my revision notes that I had abandoned for the day because Steven Gerrard was about to play his last home game for Liverpool FC and the whole football world would be watching, and my laptop was propped up on the sofa with the stream loaded in crystal clear quality, and we lost to Crystal Palace, but Anfield was deafening with Gerrard's song, and after the final whistle blew, he walked out on to the pitch with his teammates all wearing Gerrard on their backs and the fans sang and sang and sang, and he gave his emotional speech that choked up every Liverpool fan watching, before walking towards the KOP that was mosaic-d in his memory, and he had his three little girls by his side and ohmygod I was trying so hard not to cry but holy hell I was failing I was failing so damn hard.

He broke the heart of every Liverpool fan that day, and he'll break it again when they read about how he broke his own heart alongside theirs on that fateful day in May Read it. Read it because there is so much to take away from Gerrard's story. He is so authentic and humbling in the way he talks, and his loyalty, integrity, and respect for some of the greatest names in football, is unbelievably admirable.

It's no secret why he's a Liverpool legend. He embodies their spirit, and he has given their fans some beautiful memories that will live on long after he does. And so if you were to ask me today who my role model is - my answer would be what it was nine years ago, when I was a thirteen year old girl obsessed with her favourite footballer of her beloved football club.

Oct 18, David Archer rated it really liked it. Five stars for the player and the subject matter. Three and a bit for the ghost writer, who is apparently an Arsenal supporter. There are a couple of inexplicable errors. Certain sections describing famous passages of play read as thoug Five stars for the player and the subject matter.PillPack Pharmacy Simplified.

The story in this book about Gerrard getting cut in a sensitive area away at Bournemouth and the playing the derby game with four stitches was overdone. Amerika juga kondusif untuk keluarga dan dirinya, salah satunya karena banyak pemain Inggris di sana seperti Robby Keane dan David Beckham.

Di rehat musim panas. We will then contact you with the appropriate action. Do you enjoy reading about fooball in general? Perhaps I rate this book with a Subjective speaking considering I am a passionate Liverpool fan and Steven Gerrard is my role model in my football life.

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