In this post, we cover 5 product management books that will serve you well in Some on the list are free to download!. Here are the 10 best product management books, covering topics from launching new products to keeping your team productive. Books are an important source of knowledge, even for jobs as hands-on as product management. Sometimes authors put the hardest of.

Product Management Book

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You don't have to go too far to find a top 10 list of books for Product Managers. So why would I write another one? Because all of these lists are. Here's an extensive list of product management books which will change your career. Whether it's about product tactics, UX, strategy or leadership. The knowledge from these books will show you how to select, define, launch, refine, and make 7 Must-Read Product Management Books.

Building Digital Products shares real-world lessons through stories, successes, and mistakes made by the author Alex Mitchell. Additionally, the book includes content on how to build a healthy team even if you only can influence the decisions early in your career and how to better communicate and work with your engineers and designers.

25 Must-Read Books for Product Managers & Product Marketers

Bonus content in Building Digital Products includes an Urban Dictionary for Product Managers, development checklists, and several case studies. Product Management especially at a small startup is not a straight line up and to the right.

There will be bumps, there will be rapid changes and, of course, there will be hard times. As you grow as a Product leader in your organization, this book is invaluable in understanding how to approach these changes and set-backs. Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future. Zero to One will help you escape the world of the incremental and open your mind to truly learn how to think new. How to Build Habit-Forming Products. In Hooked , author Nir Eyal explores what exactly makes Products habit-forming.

As you grow as a Product Manager, make sure your users and customers are Hooked. Thanks for reading! Disrupt Yourself.

Claim yours now here: I want a free chapter of Disrupt Yourself! As a Leveling-Up Product Manager, it becomes increasingly valuable to understand psychology and economics. Why do people do what they do even if those decisions are not in their best interests and how can you steer them to make better choices?

Why Things Catch On. Similar to Hooked , Contagious an important read to understand how you can increase the virality of the products you build.

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

However, Contagious focuses more on why people recommend, share, and talk about products or content with their peer networks. While Contagious at times steers more into the world of marketing and messaging than Product Development, these are important skills to acquire for your Product Management toolkit as you level up.

Measure What Matters: But how exactly did you set those goals? Cracking the PM Interview: Examine the role from all sides to learn not only how to land a job, but master your daily responsibilities and advance your career as well. The Product Manager's Survival Guide: Start by understanding the keys to success, then learn how to become a product expert and customer advocate, effectively manage your teams and increase productivity, and further your career.

Learn how to create "viral loops" so users instinctively reach for your product, build customer engagement, and develop products people love. So says Marty Cagan, whose book takes you through how you should decide which products and designs to pursue, how to prove your proposed product will be successful, defining a minimum viable product, and juggling the conflicting needs of execs, customers, sales, engineering, and design. The Design of Everyday Things: Or examined a new device from every angle, baffled by how to turn the thing on?

25 Must-Read Books for Product Managers & Product Marketers

He'll remind you not to get caught up in slick technology and forget that your main job is to solve human problems. Susan Weinschenk Design isn't just pretty, it's purposeful.

You want people to respond to your website in a certain way, or take a specific next action, so learn why people act the way they do: Is peripheral or central vision more important? What fuels people's actions? Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: The updated third edition includes fresh examples and a new section on mobile usability, plus tips to make navigation intuitive, user testing efficient so you can do it more often , and your user experience seamless across all devices.

Innovation Games: The Lean Startup: All of that sounds great, but how do you apply those ideas and actually reap those benefits?

Eric Ries shows how you can leverage Lean principles in a practical way to shorten development cycles, measure actual progress, and create a team that can adapt and adjust to changes and opportunities instantly.

Lean Analytics: Your business will fall flat if there's no market for what you're offering. Rocket Surgery Made Easy: Learn how to do regular user testing with a few people who are representative of your end users and get it done in a single morning. Dealing with Darwin: Innovation occurs at all stages of the product, in both emerging and mature markets. Use his lessons to keep your product and company moving forward, no matter how big you are or how long you've been around.

Lean UX: Find stories, guidelines, and templates to help you collaborate more efficiently with both your development team and end users, and set up a quick design process that gives users what they really want. Crossing the Chasm: Moore defines four stages of how a product spreads among its customer base: The trick is crossing the gap between early adopters and the early majority, a chasm that many products and companies fail to bridge.

Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

Find out how you can spur adoption not just among your early users, but your entire customer base by capturing the attention of each vital user segment. Inside the Tornado: Ready to improve your product marketing?I would like to add another title to the list: How to Become a Great Product Manager.

Because the way we think directly impacts the way we work. To do this effectively, thorough preparation and diligence is required. Here are a couple to start: Inspired is also crammed with real-world examples of how organizations like Apple, Google, Netflix, and the BBC have created irresistible digital products with legions of loyal fans. Follow us.

Perri's book seamlessly alternates between the conceptual and the practical, introducing higher-level ideas before grounding the reader in those principles via actionable, instructive examples.

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