We can read books on our mobile, tablets and site, etc. Hence, there are many books coming into PDF format. Below are some websites for. Free textbooks written by professors from the world's top universities, all on Upskill yourself in just one to two hours through our hands-on, bite-sized format. 32+million books in Meta Library, but here you can download any famous text books, you can search and download. See below web address.

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The Free online bookstore. Find free books to read based on you and your friend's likes. You're viewing OpenLibra in English (EN). Switch to another. Links to help you find free pdf versions of college textbooks. I have found PDF downloads of 75% of the books I needed. . books because in his words "they cost a lot of money and I'd rather just tell you what's in the book". Some students, prefer physical textbooks, some want their textbook delivered EPUB is superior to PDF in that the text in EPUB files can shift to fit the size of the .

Formats: Requires CourseSmart Bookshelf software for your computer.

There are two forms of eTextbooks: an online version and a downloadable version. Also works with iPhone and iPod touch. Zinio provides service for publishers to offer digital content through its multi-channel content network.

Zinio provides over magazines from more than publishers. They also offer digital Textbooks and non-fiction ebooks and guides.

Download NCERT Books Textbooks in PDF Format

And they have several international sites. Formats: Requires Zinio Reader software for your computer. Content is available in both online and offline modes. They have an app for iPhone and iPad.

They also have free tech books like computer programming and engineering, physics, marketing, business etc. BookBoon is an online publisher of free textbooks, travel books, and business ebooks. Textbooks are in PDF format and are written exclusively for Bookboon.

Boundless This startup follows an interesting publishing model. It pulls out material from public sites, such as Wikipedia or government Web sites, performs a "human curation and vetting," aligns the resulting content with big-selling college textbooks, and delivers the package in digital textbook format.

The full book includes just key points, terms, and examples. The content can be highlighted and searched.

7 websites to download books in PDF

The home page includes this testimonial from student "Sarah H" at Indiana University: This site rocks and helped save my entire biology class from downloading a new edition when one we had was very similar. Registered users gain access to digital volumes on accounting, algebra, art history, biology, business, chemistry, communications, economics, finance, United States history, management, marketing, microbiology, physiology, political science, psychology, sociology, and writing.

As an example, Gardner's Art Through the Ages: The paperback edition includes a chapter on ancient Greece that runs about 70 pages. The "Boundless alternative," as it's called, includes six main sections with 38 sub-sections.

The text also comes with flashcards and quizzes. The challenge is that the book must be read online; there's no offline option. Another challenge: A group of mainstream publishers has sued Boundless for stealing intellectual property.

If you choose these books for your students, you may find yourself changing course midstream in the event it loses its legal battles.

If you're teaching math, science, and history and social science, what you want to pay attention to under "Learning Resources" is the " free textbooks " link, where you'll find 30 books listed. This collection is intended for both K and higher ed, and the book descriptions tell what kind of student each is intended for.

Want some examples? Light and Matter is an introductory 1,page textbook on physics published by Benjamin Crowell , a faculty member at Fullerton College in Southern California. The PDF is a whopping 80 Mb, full of graphics and color images. He makes an instructor's guide available for the text on his Web site.

Linear Algebra is an introductory text with exercises that cover the topics of "a standard U. College Open Textbook Collaborative This consortium of 29 education organizations uses the site to promote the adoption of open textbooks by community and two-year colleges. The textbooks are listed by subject, but just as important, the site provides a self-reported list of faculty members and what they've adopted out of the collection organized, oddly enough, in alphabetic order by instructor first name and reviews of the books when they exist.

Open textbooks are listed by subject at collegeopentextbooks.

7 Websites to Download PDF Books

Be forewarned, some of these entries are less e-textbook and more online courses, lessons, and other assorted digital resources. A cool feature of this resource is the use of "lenses," which is a selection of content.

An "endorsement" lens references reviewed material, and an "affiliation" lens allows organizations to pull together the content their members have created. Rice University , for example, has 83 collections in its affiliated content.

Our textbooks are free

Another interesting feature is the "Most Popular of All Time" list, which ranks the material by average visits per day. The topmost visited? A page document titled, " Minor Keys and Scales. The one gap in connexions is that while it denotes with an icon in search results whether a particular entry is a "knowledge chunk," or a "collection" of modules, some of which are full textbooks, it doesn't provide a way to sort specifically on type of material, such as "textbook.

The Global Text Project This source for digital texts makes them available in Chinese, English, and Spanish — though not all titles are available in every one of those languages. Subjects encompass business, computing, education, health, science, and social science. OpenStax This organization offers 13 books on these topics:. The digital textbooks are intended to be customized by the instructors who use them in class.

Sections can be rearranged, modified, and enhanced with examples. The offerings are available in PDF and ePub format, or they can simply be read online in a browser which, because each section is given its own page, can call for a bit of tedious clicking. Best, OpenStax also provides links to other resources that the instructor might want to use for specific assignments.

For example, you can download a set of PowerPoint slides unavailable to students to use with the biology book. Open Education Group This research group at Brigham Young University has compiled six freely downloadable science texts intended for middle and high schools, but useful for community colleges too. Available as PDF files, the pertinent ones include:.

Compared to the competition, these textbooks are modestly sized; Biology runs pages and 27 Mb currently. Because they were initially developed as part of a larger research project on the use of OER, there's been academic scrutiny of the Utah classes where they're used. Results — once they're made public — could be impressive.

As the researchers state, "We're still analyzing last year's outcomes data, but here's a preview:And to get the book you want, you just need to type and search for it, then click the name to go to a page with detailed information. HTML is also a good format to distribute your textbook in if you want others to be able to edit or customize your book.

The text also comes with flashcards and quizzes. These file formats will be have the.


With that in mind, we have hunted down the top sources for digital textbooks — all free. Available as PDF files, the pertinent ones include:. These are just a few of the many EPUB readers available.


S Grewal, Kalyani Publications for free. Bookboon says it limits advertising to 15 percent of the content, and so they're fairly non-intrusive.

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