L. J. Smith The Vampire Diaries The Return: Shadow Souls Vol. 2For my wonderful agent, Elizabeth HardingContents 1“. Add Document; Sign In; Register. Shadow Souls. Home · Shadow Souls The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls. Read more · Shadow of the Well of . The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls The Watchers at the Well: Echoes of the Well of Souls; Shadow of the Well of Souls; Gods of the Well of Souls.

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The Vampire DiarieS: VoL. iV: Dark reunion. The Vampire DiarieS: The reTurn VoL. 1: nighTFaLL. The Vampire DiarieS: The reTurn VoL. 2: ShaDow SouLS. New York Times bestselling seriesThe Return: Shadow Souls is the sixth book in L.J. Smith's New York Times bestselling Vampire Diaries series. Elena Gilber. The Return Shadow Souls Vampire Diaries Pdf is available here. You can easily Download The Return Shadow Souls Vampire Diaries Pdf.

Nov 26, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: Dear L. Here's how this should work.

Elena and Meredith stay in Fells Church to battle Caroline and the increasingly creepy Exorcist remake going on there. Meredith so we can get a little more of her and Alaric, Elena because - well - her story's freaking over, and you just need to damn well accept that. Bonnie and Matt travel with Damon to a hellish underworld, with Bonnie narrating and increasing tension building amongst the three as they try to stay alive long enough to free Stefan. Vie Dear L. Viewpoints alternate back and forth as both situations escalate to the breaking point.

Here's how it shouldn't work, but did: Oh, and you keep your bad guys entirely offscreen kitsu-who? Congratulations, you've made the final step down from novelist to fanfic writer. I understand that Damon's more interesting than Stefan. But having your heroine tart it up with her boyfriend's brother is not endearing her to anyone, so you just need to have her stick with her choice and surrender this whole love triangle crap.

I mean seriously, isn't this a little too New Moon already? Unless you want to change triangles.

Stop trying to be Gossip Girl crossed with Stephenie Meyer, and go back to writing awesome fiction. When you catch yourself writing hot vampires with attack pets, you know it's fanfic. View 1 comment. Mar 17, Tara rated it did not like it Recommends it for: People who ran out of toilet paper, people who need kindling, the illiterati.

Recommended to Tara by: I did--in the misguided belief that it couldn't be worse than Ni. I really don't know where to begin with this review.


One star seems like too many. This book was atrocious. I cannot comprehend how my favorite author has gone from such a tight, concise, intelligent writing style to one that reads like the worst kind of adolescent fan fiction. I do not believe the same person who wrote the original quartet is the person who is writing the new trilogy. You cannot convince me otherwise. Is no one editing these books? The first half was easy enough to read, but the I really don't know where to begin with this review.

The first half was easy enough to read, but the second half had so many issues I can't possibly list them all: If you are like me and have spent the better part of two decades adoring these characters and their world and their author's other work , I implore you to avoid this book unless you want your heart broken, or you are a fan of juvenile sado-masochism, as there is a bizarre element of that here--but it is not hot or sexy or steamy.

Attn LJS: Please stop. Apparently someone is telling you that people like "Fluffy Damon" but I am going to be completely honest: Or this Stefan, or any of the other characters after what you've done to them in the "Return" series. No more Mary Sue characters, I beg of you!

And HarperTeen, you should be ashamed of yourselves for putting this tripe on paper. View all 5 comments. Oct 18, fatima rated it it was amazing.

I just finished Shadow Souls. Elena sounds so beutiful.

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Elena is not a brunett! Caroline is not a blonde! THe books are so much better than the show. View all 9 comments. Sep 17, Nan rated it did not like it Shelves: I couldn't make it past page There's nothing significantly bad about page , in case you're worried about spoilers, but I realized after reading 17 chapters that I simply couldn't take it anymore. I'm too old for this series.

I bought the original series--the trilogy--when they were first published. I love them still, even though my tastes have gotten much more demanding as I've grown. Reading the Return series for the first time as an adult, I don't have that rosy affection for it that I h I couldn't make it past page Reading the Return series for the first time as an adult, I don't have that rosy affection for it that I have for the original books.

It's not that there's anything wrong with this series; L. Smith's writing has not significantly improved or declined in the intervening years. I've just grown to expect more depth from a book--even a YA title--than what's here.

Apr 08, Kim rated it it was ok Shelves: It's really not my fault that I have to read these horribly written books. It's my 11 year old self reaching through the space-time continuum to make me read these sequels. What this book desperately needs is a fierce editor. It could easily be cut in half and not lose one moment of plot. The whole first half of the book is rehashing of everything that's ever happened in the previous 5 books, along with detailed descriptions of ridiculous mystical powers.

It's like L. Smith went and read a lot It's really not my fault that I have to read these horribly written books. Smith went and read a lot of fanfiction written by 12 year olds and thought "what my writing needs is more of that.

The book is much improved if you just skip all the page-long florid descriptions of people, clothing, jewelry, buildings, etc.

Once the plot actually gets moving after a couple hundred pages the books actually gets almost interesting. Some of the character stuff is good, or could have been good if handled better. What I used to like about the character of Elena was that she was a flawed heroine. But not any more. Now she is perfect in every way, except that she seems to be a complete idiot.

And then there's the repetition of the same thoughts and feelings over and over and over. In case you missed it the first 4 times it was mentioned. Despite all these flaws, and I promise, I'm not exaggerating at all, I did find myself sucked in and at the end was eager to find out what happens next. Which means I will suffer through the next wretched book she produces, too. But unless you got addicted to these characters at an early age like I did, there's no reason for you to suffer.

Sep 03, Olivia rated it did not like it Shelves: I feel so awful that I didn't finish this book. I love it so much and the other books before this one aren't that bad. So, like I said, I feel awful that I couldn't finish it. I just got so confused. I couldn't understand what was going on and got lost in so many parts. I loved that Damon was the main focus on this and the beginning is pretty good. It's when they go to that place with Bonnie and Meredith that I get lost.

I went ahead and skipped to the end a I feel so awful that I didn't finish this book. I went ahead and skipped to the end and I can't believe it!

I might read the next one, but if I start it and it goes like this book did, I probably won't read it either. What the.. I was considering several times, the idea of simply abandoning this book!

But, oh my God, the last 10 pages were just amazing! Jan 26, Mizuki rated it did not like it Shelves: After The Return: Nightfall, Stefan was captured and took as a prisoner to the demonic world called The Dark Dimension, and all wasn't well in the town of Fell's Church. Elena and Daman set themselves on a quest to rescue Stefan, along came Bonnie and Meredith, Elena's loyal friends; the three girls must pretend to be Daman's slaves in order to pass the gate to the demonic world, here came yet another episode of dark adventure.

Smith, with entirely different, new characters of their own right to roam the story's universe; instead of being a part of The Vampire Diaries. Shadow Souls would have been good if it was a standalone, but it fails to deliver as a continuity of the VD series. The tone is off, the setting and worldview of that story has hardly anything in common with the fictional world of vampire and supernatural events that was established in the first four books. It's non-exist in Shadow Souls! What a shame.

If you ask me, the really touching ending of the VD series should be: As a spirit, Elena successfully saved Stefan and Daman from getting killed by the bad male ancient vampire can't remember his name, sorry ; then Elena in spirit form had a tearful moment of reunion with her true love Stefan, but eventually the time for Elena to leave this world had arrived and she had to say goodbye to Stefan, Daman and her dear friends.

With everyone watching her with tear in their eyes, the girl walked into the tunnel of light and disappeared, departed from this world. Ends of the Story. Sadly this never happened because hardly any YA author is daring enough to kill off his or her main characters and allow them to stay dead to the end; nor do them daring enough to let the main couple not having the Happily Ever After in their books. Jun 14, Gina rated it liked it. I started as a huge fan of the show which lead me to the books.

Totally loved the first few books until I got to the Shadow Souls. No offense Shadow Souls it was stupid, boring, and I felt pitiful taking time from my life to read them.

So why did I continue reading? Two reasons! I loveee Damon and Elena together!

It's like forbidden love and it is always steamy between them plus they are a match made in heaven. I wanted to see if they would end up togeth Wow I wanted to see if they would end up together but of course I wanted to see how the book would end. Once I start reading a book, I have to read the ending or it will bug me forever. Anyone know when the next book hits stores? View 2 comments. Jul 10, Wanda Hartzenberg rated it did not like it. Shadow Souls, the one too many a book in the Vampire Diaries.

Where to start with this book and this review, maybe at the end. By far the best part of the book, not the ending itself, the fact that it ends. I've heard many things regarding ghost writers in this series. And this is most assuredly what was going on here. Why, this author had an idea about pacing, about building plot, and suspense. But, yes the inevitable but, but the plot fell flat, like grand ma's cake if you open the over door, Shadow Souls, the one too many a book in the Vampire Diaries.

But, yes the inevitable but, but the plot fell flat, like grand ma's cake if you open the over door, the pacing ran out and left me exhausted since it did not burn out, it fizzled out like a globe in a mental hospital. The characters became even worse. Though this ghost writer managed to stay true to having Elena being a bi. It is stupid and you are stranded because you have a copy.

I give this a one star review. Simply because I can't give it no stars. I seriously think I missed the plot. What was it about?

I have no idea. Mar 17, Marija rated it it was ok Shelves: In the months preceding the release of Shadow Souls , I read the teasers that were available online and was excited by the tension and angst in the interplay between Damon and Elena. In my anticipation, I started creating scenarios in my head of what could possibly happen, so you could say that I had high expectations prior to reading this novel. When I finally got the book and read it, I must admit that I was a bit underwhelmed.

I think the book was better than its predecessor, Nightfall ; there In the months preceding the release of Shadow Souls , I read the teasers that were available online and was excited by the tension and angst in the interplay between Damon and Elena. Matt returns home, while Bonnie and Meredith join Damon and Elena on their trek to the dark dimension to rescue Stefan. I had a hard time dealing with the pacing of the story: Some moments were dragged out by the description, while other key moments in the storyline flew by.

Also, I think LJ could have used a better editor. For instance, I had to reread Chapter 13, which starts with Damon driving, Elena riding shotgun, and Bonnie and Meredith in the back seat. The chapter ends with Damon telling Elena that they should get back to Bonnie and Meredith. This info was glossed over. Some new characters are introduced: Lady Ulma and Lucien, two former slaves who are rescued by Elena and freed by Damon, and the Adonis, Sage, who comes onto the scene bronze haired and bare chest with a hellhound and hawk in tow.

With this initial introduction of Sage, I was immediately taken in and wanted to read more about him, but then after rescuing Damon et.

Bonnie and Meredith are also for the most part relegated to the background, contributing nothing really significant in the form of dialogue or action to the plot. As for Damon, I wanted more scenes of tension and angst, as well as more moments of his dry wit, which I had enjoyed reading about in the original series.

In this book, I expected to learn more about him, but he is still shrouded in mystery. I wish I could admit that I truly loved this book and that it met my expectations, but in the end I can only say that liked it—sort of. Mar 24, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Oh no! I can't believe the ending of Shadow Souls! Rawr, I just can't get over it So now, after several more breaths, I think I'm coherent enough to proceed with my review. I liked Shadow Souls. I simply hated Nightfall! What I love most about Shadow Souls is that the spotlight has been put to Damon.

Yes, Damon has been given a lot of "exposure" in Oh no! Yes, Damon has been given a lot of "exposure" in Nightfall as well, but in Shadow Souls, I appreciated him even more. The thing is, readers get to know the real Damon in this book and not just some evil possessed Damon. Gaaad, he's just heart-melting. And also, there are lots of smokin' scenes that happened between Damon and Elena, that, well, I kind of enjoyed too at first. However, there is still Stefan who always do mushy mushy things with his "lovely little love" every time he appeared in the story.

Because of that, now I am totally annoyed with Elena. When she's with Stefan, she just totally forgot all those "sparks" or maybe fireworks she felt with Damon. I don't even think she feel guilty at all of her unfaithfulness. Now, Damon, I believe Bonnie is better for you! It's really cute that Bonnie seems to have a crush on Damon. I am now rooting for Damon-Bonnie loveteam. I like the new setting too - Dark Dimension. It is a scene that I will definitely want to come to life. I just don't have a good feeling about him.

I don't like Matt, he's annoying! I am glad there are only small parts for Matt and the whole Fell's Church. I am dying to know what happened that night in the motel. It's just so mysterious. I don't think Damon and Elena slept together because of his comment about Unicorn bait. I think what happened is something more personal for Damon. And what's with the Camelot that Shinichi was talking about. So many questions hanging, so denifinitely, I will be waiting for the next book installment.

Mar 07, Cece rated it did not like it. I really, really tried to finish this series. I don't usually like to rate books unless I've read the rest of the series. I really can't. No one can say I didn't try but these books are just too horrible to continue. J Smith thinking?? Was she thinking?? Vampires and werewolves I u I really, really tried to finish this series. Vampires and werewolves I understand, it's the main reason I'm reading this right? Even demons I can accept, but just about everything else It's almost like these books are a joke to her and she just wants to see how many people will keep reading this crap.

I feel like she's butchering the original Vampire Diaries books not really including when Elena came back from the dead as an angel-like-thingy Before that it was still a little weird and I didn't love it, but it wasn't all that bad, I was interested. Besides, most of her other books are a bit odd- usually in a good way- so I expected as much. I think she could have pulled it off as another series entirely. I've read, and own, a few of her other books to know as much. At the moment?

I'd prefer to watch every episode of The Wiggles back to back The Wiggles Really guys, if you started with the TV series just stick to them, if you've read the other four, do NOT go any further. It's just not worth the time, money or intense mental and emotional pain. Unless you read it as a joke, than you'll have one hell of a time. Mar 16, Mrs. Missive rated it it was amazing. Thank Goddess that LJ Smith returned from the invasion of the body snatchers that wrote her previous book.

Shadow souls brought back the Elena we loved in the first four books, smart, brave, selfless, and just a smidgen shallow Even though a lot of the action ta Thank Goddess that LJ Smith returned from the invasion of the body snatchers that wrote her previous book.

Even though a lot of the action takes place in the minds of Elena and Damon through telepathy the stories you find in them are so beatiful it reminded me of why I love reading her books in the first place.

You have to get through the first pages where for some reason Smith decides she needs to try and summarize 5 previous novels to move forward with this story but after that I'm happy with my download. I highly recommend to any fan of LJ Smith. And as a happy side note So bad that I started a drinking game: That probably was the only reason I finished the book.

Though the ending was intriguing, and I'll probably make myself read the last book in the series. Well, what can I say - I'm probably one of those masochistic people that just HAVE to finish series they started, even if they hated the first Bad.

Well, what can I say - I'm probably one of those masochistic people that just HAVE to finish series they started, even if they hated the first book. I'm like that. So here I come, last book of The return series! Sep 10, Z. Prefiero quedarme con el recuerdo de todo lo anterior que seguir leyendo esto a disgusto.

Sep 21, Amina rated it it was amazing. However, half way through the journey, they have to split up to create a diversion. And Matt secretly goes back to Fells Church. To her surprise, Bonnie and Meredith turn up. They enter the Dark Dimension via one of the gates and end up in a savage world. The Dark Dimension is a world where vampire and demons roam free and huma his is the second book of the new series of Vampire Diaries and continues right after Nightfall.

The Dark Dimension is a world where vampire and demons roam free and humans are slave. To free Stefan, they have to look for 2 halves of a key to Stefan's cell. As disguise, the girls become Damon's slave. They pretend to "settle down" into the society of the Dark Dimension while beginning their mission. After a lot of effort, they finally manage to rescue Stefan. On the other hand, back in Fells Church, Matt joins forces with Mrs Flower to investigate the strange events happening in Fells Church and try to find out the plan of the kitsune twins who are behind that.

When the gang return to Fells Church, Stefan receives a gift from the good kitsune who shared the cell with him in the Dark Dimension. However, Damon's curiosity seals his fate. When he opens the package, he is turned into human. It's a good but long read. This book explores more on the kitsune legend as the gang have to understand what kind of creatures the kitsunes are, in order to solve the riddle given by the kitsune twins which gives the location of the keys to Stefan's cell, and it was interesting to hear about the legend from the Japanese approach.

We are also introduced to the new world of Dark Dimension and its inhabitants as previous books focus on Fells Church. They put more trust on each other and get closer. They even exchange blood a few times throughout the story and this deepens their connection.

This is going to give interesting dynamics to the love triangle as the story moves on. I quite like the way the author describes Damon's inner conscious as a little boy after Elena exchanges blood with him, how he buried his deepest feelings. Elena being able to leave her body and meet Stefan in her dream is also a good creation. However, I do feel like the author put too much emphasis or effort on the Dark Dimension adventure, rather than balance out on accounting what's going on in Dark Dimension and Fells Church.

We only get a glimpse on what Matt is doing on the outside world. And I am not sure if I want to know every single detail of the girls getting ready for party and the design of their dresses!! I do feel a bit bored during middle of the story until the climax in the end and the pace of the story picks up again. Last, but not the least, the biggest shock comes in the end of the story when Damon becomes human again.

The Return: Shadow Souls

This is such as big cliffhanger. Obviously the gift is intended for Stefan as he wants to become human again to be with Elena I guess we will find out what happens in the next book.

Oct 10, Audrey rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was so horrible that I could not even stomach to finish it. I never really liked Elena in the series oddly enough I like her on the show though she was just snotty and vain, mostly putting down her friends that made a blood pledge to help her and really, come on win the brooding new guy at her school. I just thought this book was poorly done and L.

Smith was in a hurry to finish. I wanted to see more of Bonnie and Meredeth, who at least had some redeeming quality's, I was hoping th This book was so horrible that I could not even stomach to finish it.

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I wanted to see more of Bonnie and Meredeth, who at least had some redeeming quality's, I was hoping there would be some development between Damon and Bonnie. And what was with Damon and Elena making out while the Elena's "true love" Stefan lies in a cold, dark, and moldy cell. Yes, definitely that's true love right there. I don't see why all the male characters and female characters in this book love Elena.

Of course, Elena has to be the one to save Lady Ulma or whatever her name was. After she is worshiped by just about everyone, because you know she's a human with angel powers and she's beautiful, kind, and just wonderful.

Please realize that last sentence is filled with sarcasm. She lets her tears fall on Stefan, who begs her to stop crying. Stefan asks God for a moment to touch Elena, and she becomes corporeal long enough for a kiss. They discuss how to get Stefan out of prison and Damon's ability to keep his promises. Stefan wonders if Elena keeps her promises. Elena and the others believe the key may be hidden in one of the harps belonging to Lady Fazina Darley, the Silver Nightingale.

The gowns Lady Ulma has designed for the girls have been blessed by a priestess to protect the girls from vampires—not including Damon. Lucen presents each girl with matching jewels and a fan. Elena feels that Damon is holding something back from her, and allows him to feed from her. Elena and Damon sit down to await Lady Fazina's concert and are surprised to see Sage appear.

Lady Fazina makes her entrance, takes the stage and begins to play her harp and sing so beautifully, Elena and the other guests begin to weep. Meredith suggests looking for the key while everyone is mesmerized by the performance.

They enter the Hall of Harpery, which is guarded by a steward at the door. Bonnie, Meredith, and Sage begin to search the harps, Influencing the steward for more information. Damon and Elena search the rest of the palace. The steward has reveals that the harps are tuned every day, so the key can't be in one of them.

Elena finally finds one half of the fox key inside a fountain pen. It is a small crescent in the shape of a fox, with alexandrite eyes. Elena explains that after they realized the key wasn't in a musical instrument, she thought of looking for writing instruments. Damon and Elena are so excited to have found the key, they embrace and Damon begins to feed. Elena encounters the little boy in his mind.

Damon is taking too much blood, and they yell at him to stop. When he does, Elena sees that his back is covered in bloody cuts—the lashes he channeled away from her when she was Disciplined. She screams and faints. The others attempt to revive her, but Elena refuses to come to until Damon frees the little boy. He denies owning a little boy, and Elena says his name is Damon. Meredith remarks that Elena "was willing to die for a metaphor.

Meggar's, Elena stops breathing twice. Bonnie donates blood to Elena, and Meredith and some servants donate blood to Damon. Elena isn't allowed to see Damon during her recovery out of fear that she will end up a vampire. Elena protests that there is nothing untoward going on with Damon, but accidentally switches Damon and Stefan's names. Matt visits the Saitou house. Obaasan tells Matt that taking out a kitsune's tail will enrage it, but also make it weaker.

She also tells him a legend about a beautiful kitsune from whom the Saitou family is said to be descended. Obaasan blesses some bullets, writes some amulets for Matt, and on his way out of the house, her daughter, Orime, gives him Post-it note amulets, to be stuck on demons if necessary. Elena begins to plot Stefan's jailbreak. Lakshmi informs her that if she has the key to his cell, she can just go let him out. She wonders why Elena has never gone to visit Stefan, an idea that had not occurred to Elena.

Damon immediately makes an appointment to visit Stefan. Matt, Tyrone Alpert, and Mrs. Flowers go to the thicket on the edge of the Old Wood to discover what's become of Sheriff Mossberg. Roping themselves together and covering their arms with enchanted Post-it notes, they get down on the ground and reach blindly into the Old Wood, trying to grab whatever they can without getting pulled in themselves.

Tyrone is almost pulled in. A large tree branch falls on Matt's arm, but he is protected by the Post-its. Tyrone retrieves a human femur with teeth marks on it. Matt faints. Damon and Sage discuss the meaning of "Shi no Shi", the name of the prison.

Damon thinks it means the "Death of Death," but Sage says it can mean "the new death," "the true death," or "The Gods of Death. Meggar, wearing new outfits made of sacking, and they take a carriage to the prison, where Elena notices a dimensional door in the lobby. On the way to Stefan's cell, Elena fears he is dead and almost faints.

She is horrified by Stefan's condition when she reaches his dungeon cell, and throws herself against its razor sharp bars. Stefan doesn't recognize them, but he smells Elena's blood. Damon is overwhelmed and runs away, pursued by guards. Meggar injects Stefan with something that may help him survive for a few days. Meggar is unable to draw Elena's blood, which she wants to squirt through the bars, feeding Stefan via syringe. A white kitsune in the cell across from Stefan's pantomimes using the same method with Black Magic wine instead, which Elena does.

Sage and the guards return, and Elena is dragged away from Stefan. Elena must be supported as they leave the prison.

Meggar says that the injection, Black Magic wine, and willpower should be enough to keep Stefan alive until they can get the fox key and rescue him. In the carriage, Damon asks if Stefan is dead and is shocked to learn all that Elena did for Stefan inside the prison, feeling he has failed his brother. Before Blouddeuwedd's party, Lucen and Lady Ulma give the girls an overwhelming amount of jewelry, which doubles as currency in case they need to download their way out of the Dark Dimension.

The girls thank Lady Ulma, who thanks Elena again for having saved her and Lucen. They say goodbye to the household. On the way to the party, Meredith and Bonnie discuss Elena's feelings for the Salvatore brothers.

They are unsure of exactly who or what Elena wants. Elena and Damon, riding in a separate litter, overhear this conversation and are shaken.

Damon says that there is a detail in the story of the brothers killing each other over a girl which everyone has missed. They arrive at the party before Damon can reveal this detail. Elena and company believe the second half of the fox key is hidden in Blouddeuwedd's main ballroom, the Great Ballroom, which is outdoors and larger than a football field. The ground has been rolled smooth so that no one will trip while dancing.

Lady Bloddeuwedd enters the party, a beautiful girl made of flowers who has been cursed to spend every night from midnight to dawn as an owl.

Damon and Elena run into a vampire who witnessed Elena's Discipline—he is the reason they were invited to the party.

Damon agrees to perform their "hypnotist's act" after the crowd finds his "amulet"--the other half of the fox key. The guests begin digging up the grounds. Damon carries Elena up a set of clear crystal stairs inside Blouddeuwedd's clear glass house to look for the fox key. They are confronted by Blouddewedd, who informs them that they are in her private library, and refuses to answer their questions. She doesn't like humans or vampires. Damon is offended and asks if she has seen Shinichi or Misao.

She calls the kitsune thieves and says she encountered them running out of her house the night the Great Ballroom was rolled over. Elena thinks they dropped the fox key into the Great Ballroom floor. Blouddeuwedd then states that she is going to kill Damon and Elena. Sage's dog, Saber, gets the kitsune's scent from the fox key and begins searching for their trail. Saber indicates that the kitsune were in the hydrangeas under the library window.

Sage takes a carriage and follows the trail leading away from the hydrangeas, in case the kitsune can be caught and the key half recovered. Damon and Elena prepare to put on their "hypnotist's act. She then begs Bonnie and Meredith to share the pain of the whipping to further lessen it. During the whipping, Elena overhears spectators whispering about forbidden starball orbs kept in Blouddeuwedd's library. She realizes that the key isn't in the ballroom, but in the starball room, and charges into the house after the whipping is over.

Blouddeuwedd is in her library, now in owl form. Elena thinks the fox key is in the owl's nest in the center of the room.

Blouddeuwedd threatens to kill Elena. Elena attempts to explain what she's doing, but Blouddeuwedd continues to threaten her. Sage's falcon Talon arrives just as the owl begins to attack. Talon distract Blouddeuwedd by dropping and shattering orbs while Elena searches for the key. Elena finds a metal object in the nest. The giant owl pursues her down the stairs. She falls at the bottom, causing the owl to crash into the glass where she was standing moments before.

Saber leads Sage and some party guests along the carriage route taken by the kitsune. They come to a crossroads, where Saber loses the scent, due to a local perfumery blinding his nose. Sage picks a random direction, and Saber picks up the scent again. Saber leads the party up to a run down building, and Sage breaks down the door. Back at the party, Elena gets out of the house and puts the two halves of the key together. They become a ring. Damon finds Elena, Bonnie, and Meredith just in time to save them from another attack from the giant owl.

Smith Lisa. The Vampire Diaries 06. The Return: Shadow Souls

Elena tells Damon they have to leave immediately and that she never wants to come back. Damon attempts to fight Blouddeuwedd with a huge shard of glass, putting out one of her eyes. He thwarts her attempt to carry off a random guest. Elena tells him telepathically that she has the key and that he can come with her or not, but she is leaving now.

Sage returns, and Elena, Meredith, Bonnie, and Damon all take his carriage to the prison.I have blond hair that falls in sort of waves past my shoulders and blue eyes that some people have said are like lapis lazuli: dark blue with splashes of gold. The problem was that she usually did this just at dawn, and today writing in her diary had distracted her.

Elena attempts to explain what she's doing, but Blouddeuwedd continues to threaten her. Damon is offended and asks if she has seen Shinichi or Misao. The Dark Dimension story plot with the kitsune keys was fascinating.

For a moment, on a hunch, she took two lengths of iron in her hands and tried to tear them apart. You broke it last night, Damon.

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